Of course, I can’t include all the Aussie stuff in my Aussie stuff page but what I ve attempted to do is to write a page that will give visitors to Australia some sort of handle on what they can expect when they come to Oz.

We Aussies are, after all, a very different lot; our sense of humour is legendary but very difficult sometimes for our visitors to understand, for example, where else in the world would you find that the redheads in the community are all nicknamed Blue or Bluey”?

Things are often expressed as a contradiction, Aussies know what it all means but a visitor has Buckleys, (to have “Buckleys” or “Buckleys chance”) means you have no chance…)

To find a more comprehensive list of the Aussie Stuff we have on the site go to our sitemap you’ll find it all there.

If you re from the old dart, that s England, and you understand a little cockney rhyming slang then you ve got a head start on most people because the Aussie rhyming slang has its origins in the East End of London, however, it has developed and changed over the years to suit Australia and Australians.

You can find out a little more about the Australian language right here, including some of the more common Aussie slang words and phrases.

Now, what other Aussie stuff will you find useful when you re travelling to Australia?

How about your Australian visa?

Even if you re a Pommie or a Kiwi you need a visa, do you know how to get a visa to Australia or how many types of visa there are or what type of visa you need?

Follow the links you ll find it all here.

Aussie facts, things that are important if you need to know them, things like international telephone dialling codes, bank opening hours, vaccinations, currency, emergency telephone numbers etc. you’ll find on our Aussie facts page and the fun Aussie stuff you ll find on our Aussie fun facts page, go there now and have a gander.

Maybe you’re looking for some of the more unusual Aussie stuff we have 3 pages of it,

Unusual Australia facts about Australia, history, convicts and the Australian environment,

More unusual Australia facts about immigration to Australia, facts about some great sporting moments and some unusual Australia facts about our cities and states.

Yet more unusual facts about our mysteries, eccentrics, the Australian economy and our lifestyle.

What about where to find the best Australian attractions, after all, the lure of an Australian vacation for many lies in the great number of unique Australian attractions that are to be found.

Need a map, you ll find an interactive map of Australia on our maps page, just point and scroll, you can zoom in to make it a street directory or out to see a world map and you can do that for anywhere in the world, all courtesy of Google.

What other ‘Aussie stuff” might the visitor to Australia need to know?

What about where to find the best beaches, after all, most visitors to Australia come for a holiday and when you re on vacation and you re surrounded by the best beaches in the world you need to know where to find them don t you?

If you re planning on a visit to a beach or to the Australian snowfields then you need to know what to expect from the weather, and wherever you go or whatever you plan to do you re going to need money.

Find out how money works in Australia and how much of the Aussie stuff you ll get for your stuff right here.

When you’re planning your trip there are some places you’d be better off avoiding if you can, our Aussie Travel warnings page will give you all the up to date information on the best places to avoid…

Driving in Australia can be a very tedious business, especially if you re a passenger and you re driving through the bush, our Aussie car games will help to relieve the tedium, especially for the younger ones.

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Of course, there s lots more Aussie stuff that you ll want to find out or need to know, just keep checking back, or better yet bookmark this page, and we ll build this page, little by little, to include as much Aussie stuff as we can find and if, in the meantime, there s something you really, really want to know please write to us, you ll find a contact button on the nav bar, we ll do our best to help have fun.