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Step 1 - Sign up

If you want to take full advantage of the functionality of the it is necessary to sign up. Members have the option of including:

  • Create your own profile with a map of travel and places of interest
  • Save your favorite places in the cities, create your own guide
  • Contact with other users via a message box
  • Add new questions to the cities, and receive advice from other users
  • Coupons of tourist offers from our partners

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    Step 2 - Edit your accound and preferences

    In the edit account, you can put more information about yourselve, and set when you want to receive notifications from the portal. The most important setting:

  • My travel preferences - this will get offers tailored to your needs
  • Information about the person and image
  • When I want to get notifications

    Step 3 - Add the 1st photos

    Add the first images from a trip to the cities. Move to the upper menu on the "+ Add" and select the "New Photos".

    Select a photo from your computer that you want to add or import photos from other social networking sites:

  • Facebook
  • Flickr
  • Picasa

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    Step 4 - Invite friends to

    After sharing the first photos show your profile page to your friends and family - show others your travel stories. Invite your friends to the community PlaceKnow and together plan the next trip.

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