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Baguette to Bistro Culinary Traditions of Paris - Small Group Walking Seminar

Location: Paris, France
Baguette to Bistro Culinary Traditions of Paris - Small Group Walking Seminar

Baguette to Bistro Culinary Traditions of Paris - Small Group Walking Seminar

A group walk of Left Bank cheese shops chocolate makers charcuterie and other food stores led by a chef or food journalist.

Type: Tours in Paris
Departs From:
Cafe Le Comptoir des Saints P
Duration: 2.5 hours
Available: 10:00; 16:00
Supplier: Context Walks LLC - Context Travel
Prices from:

117,60 USD

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About Baguette to Bistro Culinary Traditions of Paris - Small Group Walking Seminar

Paris is synonymous for gastronomic refinement and elegance firmly built on its traditions. From les grands restaurants to the thousands of exquisite specialty shops to the neighborhood boulangerie Parisians make food an art. On this 2.5-hour walk we will delve into the fascinating and delectable world of Parisian culinary traditions in the company of a true food expert. Our walk takes place in in the chic 7th district where we will visit some of the citys finest food shops. Our docent a trained chef or food journalist will introduce us to some of the basic concepts of French cuisine from discerning the proper cheese to understanding whats on display at the butchers. Our immersion begins with a staple in any French diet la Baguette. Though found on every Parisian table all baguettes--governed by a surprising melange of history and law--are far from the same. We will learn how to tell them apart at Eric Kayser one Of Paris best bakeries. From here we may visit a range of other culinary shops among them a 100-year old cheese shop where we will sample some of their regional cheeses carefully selected and aged in its on-site cellars. We could have a look at this seasons wild game in the window of a real butcher shop or slip inside to taste some homemade rillettes. We might enjoy a cone of chocolate mousse made with Equatorial chocolate at the citys only mousse bar. We may also have a chat with a wine seller over a small glass of cognac or awe at the perfect culinary creations of the delicatessen Dallayau. On our way our conversation will range from the historic roots of French cuisine the influence which the 1789 revolution and the bourgeoisie play in its evolution to the contributions early great chefs such as La Varenne Car

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