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Chateau of Fontainebleau by Balloon

Location: Paris, France
Chateau of Fontainebleau by Balloon

Chateau of Fontainebleau by Balloon

Come and meet us at for a balloon ride over the Ch

Type: Balloon Flights around France
Departs From:
Chateau de Fontainebleau Parking CPEM
Duration: 3 hours
Available: from 6:00 to 8:00 depending on sunrise; from 16:00 to 19:00 depending on time of sunset
Supplier: France Montgolfieres Sarl France Balloons
Prices from:

259,15 USD

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About Chateau of Fontainebleau by Balloon

Rediscover the true meaning of nature as once enjoyed by Alfred Sisley and his other impressionist friends. Fly above the emerald green forests home to wild boar and deer and hunting ground to the Kings of France above rivers and romantic little villages less than an hour away from Paris. The advantage of flying a balloon as opposed to other types of aircraft is simply its diverse ability to literally skim over rivers brush over the treetops and attain a height of more than 1000 meters whilst providing panoramic landscape views! Essentially how high the flights go depend upon the climatic conditions at the given time as well as the disposition of the passengers. There is no physical link between the balloon and the ground like a ladder or a bridge so there is no feeling of dizziness or vertigo. During the flight the basket remains stable and there is a feeling of incredible ease whilst taking-off. Balloons go with the wind the pilot can only control the altitude of the balloon by heating the inside of the envelope with the burners. Stability in the air is necessary as well as a slight wind and a mild temperature. The only way to get all these conditions is to take off just after sunrise or just before sunset. Happily dawn and dusk are the most beautiful moments of the day ! The total excursion time is three hours with a flight time of approximately one hour. This includes the balloon preparation and inflation the flight the traditional "toast aux A

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