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French Masters in the Louvre Private Walking Seminar

Location: Paris, France
French Masters in the Louvre Private Walking Seminar

French Masters in the Louvre Private Walking Seminar

A private scholar-led tour of the Louvres French art collection.

Type: Tours in Paris
Departs From:
Hotel Pick up or Cafe Palais Royal
Duration: 3 hours
Available: 10:00
Supplier: Context Walks LLC - Context Travel
Prices from:

442,47 USD

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About French Masters in the Louvre Private Walking Seminar

This in-depth three-hour walk takes in the extensive French collections of the Louvre museum in the company of an art historian. You will begin your walk in the Cour Marly to establish a bit of background for the rest of the itinerary. You will take in a number of sculptures by Coustou Coysevox and other artists hired by Louis XIV to create works for his marvelous royal playground in Marly Park. Arguably one of the most beautiful spots in the museum the Cour Marly is the perfect jumping-off point for the rest of the French collection you will discuss the development of the Gothic style in France a movement that is generally acknowledged as the beginning of Western Art in Europe as we know it today. These sculptures among them the justly famous Marly horses also provide an opportunity to discuss the role of the monarchy in the beginnings of French Art a relationship at once prosperous and fraught with frustrations royalty nonetheless bankrolled artists and thus became a driving force behind the countrys artistic development and innovation. Moving away from these sculptures well begin what will be the thematic heart of our walk the development of French painting from the 14th to 19th centuries. Youll move upstairs to the Richelieu wing following roughly chronological path. Starting off with the primitive masterworks of Quarton and Jean le Bon youll follow up with a number of works from the prolific School of Fontainebleau. As you walk past the works of Charles le Brun Louis XIVs official painter the Le Nain Brothers and Georges de la Tour youll place each work into the larger thrust of Western Art especially considering the paintings relationship to Italian Renaissance and Baroque art. From here youll move right into the 17th century and the advent of French Classicism. While exploring the works of Poussin and Claude Lorrain the focus of your discussion will be on the historical dialogue between the pieces themselves keeping in mind the early primitives in order to understand the development of high Classicism. Leaving the 17th century galleries well pass through the Rubens Hall taking a look at his scenes from the life of Marie de Medici works which greatly influenced contemporary French artists. Well then move forward to the 18th century stopping by Watteaus theatrical paintings Bouchers lascivious mythological works Chardins fabulous still lifes and Fragonards ""fantasy portraits."" Moving through the gallery well stop by the works of Marie Antoinettes personal portraitist Elisabeth-Louise Vig

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