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The Dark Heart of Paris - Ghosts Legends and Mysteries Night Tour

Location: Paris, France
The Dark Heart of Paris - Ghosts Legends and Mysteries Night Tour

The Dark Heart of Paris - Ghosts Legends and Mysteries Night Tour

Experience a one of a kind walking tour of Paris and discover the dark and violent history that lurks beneath the citys sparkling fa

Type: Night Tours in Paris
Duration: 2 hours
Available: 21:00
Supplier: Dark Rome Ltd
Prices from:

29,88 USD

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About The Dark Heart of Paris - Ghosts Legends and Mysteries Night Tour

Today Paris is the City of Love the home of fashion and the center of art and culture in France but it wasnt always that way. France and Paris in particular has a long tragic history of murder and execution of rampant disease among the lower classes and of bitter wars fought against a corrupt monarchy. Our Dark Heart of Paris Tour takes visitors on a journey through this other side of the city - the rarely seen underbelly of the City of Love. The tour takes place under a cloak of darkness winding down alleyways and cutting through the hushed silence of the night. Following your English-speaking guide you will go to the sites of some of Paris darkest hours - the Place de la Vert Gallant where the last of the Knights Templar was burned at the stake St Germain de Auxerrois where some estimates say 30000 were killed in the St. Bartholomews Day massacre in 1572 and the Palais du Justice where those found guilty by the court were routinely tortured and executed before live audiences. As you walk your guide will point out places of interest filling you in on the full details of the gruesome history of Paris. No stone will go unturned as you delve into the dark heart of the city. Starting out with ritual worship in early Paris you will travel through generations wracked by the plague the French Revolution the Paris Commune and Nazi rule. You will learn about the characters that have molded the city from Napoleon to Marie Antoinette Henry IV and the serial killers that once stalked these very streets. The Dark Heart of Paris tour offers a rare opportunity to glimpse a side to Paris that you wont see advertised on postcards. A chance to learn a little more about the City of Love and those who have loved hated died and murdered there. Itinerary - Place de la Vert Gallant - the site where the last of the Knights Templar were burnt at the stake - The Louvre - Outside view of one rear fa

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