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The French Revolution Walking Tour of Paris

Location: Paris, France
The French Revolution Walking Tour of Paris

The French Revolution Walking Tour of Paris

Let history come to life by learning about and visiting the major sites of the French Revolution.

Type: Day Tours in Paris
Departs From:
Outside the La Tour Maubourg Metro station line 8 on street level
Duration: 2 hours
Available: 15:00
Supplier: Classic Walks Tours - Paris
Prices from:

25,98 USD

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About The French Revolution Walking Tour of Paris

Be enlightened by this French Revolution Walk tour about the significance of one of the most important events in modern history. Relive the troubled times leading up to the storming of the Bastille prison the capture of King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette the Reign of Terror and the bloody results of the guillotine. Itinerary-Activity Schedule - Bastille Prison - the raiding of this prison sparked the Revolution. - Les Invalides - Revolutionaires stole over 30000 arms from here in order to attack the Bastille prison. - Conciergerie - the prison overlooking the Seine river where Marie Antoinette was held. - Louis XVI - the proud king who lost his throne and his head to his beloved countrymen. - Marie Antoinette - the Austrian Queen who may have never uttered the infamous phrase "... then let them eat cake." - Beheading of King Louis XVI - King Louis XVI was beheaded in the current-day Place de la Concorde on January 21 1793. He had been stripped of all titles and was guillotined in front of a large crown as simply citizen Louis Capet. The executioner testified that he had bravely met his fate - Tuileries Palace - would be located in the current Tuileries Gardens this also served as a prison for King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. - Place de la Concorde - site of the decapitations of King Louis VXI and Marie Antoinette among many others. - Assemblee Nationale - site of the lower house of the French Legislative branch. - Guillotine - the machine that brought quick death usually to over 1000 people. - Reign of Terror - the years following the Revolution that saw chaos betrayal and murder. Includes - Guided French Revolution Walking Tour Excludes - Entrance fees - Meals and drinks - Tips and gratuities - Personal expenses - Optional activity costs Please Note - Children below 4 years old are free of charge. - All tours run in all types of weather and will not be cancelled because of rain.

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