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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

Location: Berlin, Germany
Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

Go on an extraordinary tour about a place that played such an integral role in the execution of the Holocaust. Researched and guided mainly by Nigel Dunkley former British Military attach

Type: Tours in Berlin
Departs From:
East Entrance OR West Entrance
Duration: 6 hours
Available: 10:00
Supplier: John O Leary Insider Tour
Prices from:

19,49 USD

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About Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour

Built in the Summer of 1936 some 70 years ago Sachsenhausen initially facilitated the removal of "antisocial" elements as Berlin hosted the spectacular Olympics held that year. More than 200000 were imprisoned here by the Nazis of which some 50000 were brutally murdered - as opposed to Auschwitz which served the policy of racial genocide Sachsenhausen victims were a mix of political opponents and then only later groups defined as racially or biologically inferior - increasingly from the newly occupied territories of Nazi dominated Europe. We explain why Nazi architects conceived the grounds as the ideal structure for a concentration camp giving expression to the SS world view of complete subjugation of prisoners to the absolute power of the SS. As the first camp established under Heinrich Himmler find out how Sachsenhausen was used as a training ground of the Holocaust and the realities of life and death there from starvation disease forced labour or as victims of systematic extermination of the SS and visit the punishment cells execution grounds and crematorium Pathology Laboratory and hospital and the "pit" where victims were thrown into to simply rot. Learn of the stories of valour such as the British Royal Marine Commandos used to test German army equipment to breaking point who refused to have their will broken the fate of Stalins son here where Hitlers personal prisoner was detained in isolation for 5 years before his execution and the attempted use of "death marches" to murder remaining survivors before Soviet liberation. We also detail life and death in Special Camp No. 1-7 as Sachsenhausen was to become under the Soviets. Until its closure in March 1950 another 60 000 were captive here of which 12 000 died of similarly catastrophic conditions of hunger psychological and physical exhaustion many were former Nazi functionaries German POWs and Soviet deserters. Beyond the norm and rarely noted we find it essential for a responsible and complete tour to what is essentially a place of death to elaborate on the delicate yet fascinating issue of memorialisation in relation to Saschsenhausen and with some comparison to the Jewish Holocaust Memorial. Includes -Services of an expert guide Excludes - Meals and drinks - Personal Expenses - Tips and gratuities - Optional Activities Please Note - Please choose where you want to start your tour East or West Entrance. - Children below 13 years old are free of charge if accompanied by paying adult. - You will need to purchase a train ticket ABC Zone for this tour to be paid on site. - Private guide service is available upon request. Please inquire.

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