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Appian Way Bike Tour

Location: Rome, Italy
Appian Way Bike Tour

Appian Way Bike Tour

Travel back in time and bike down the Appian Way a path full of monuments and a perfectly preserved still picture of history.

Type: Bike Tours in Florence
Departs From:
Via di SantEufemia #15
Duration: 6 hours
Available: 10:00
Supplier: Segway Firenze s.r.l.
Prices from:

103,92 USD

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About Appian Way Bike Tour

The Appian Way known as the Queen of the Ways was inaugurated on 312BC by Appius Claudius and immediately became the first major road to the south of Italy. It is a path full of monuments a still picture of history that gives us a perfectly preserved way to live that time again. The Appian Way bike tour will give you the unique opportunity to combine history archeology landscapes and nature taking you through a road immersed in a timeless atmosphere where the noise of car engine fades in favor of tires friction on the ancient Roman paving. Dont miss this great opportunity to taste with your eyes and travel back in time with your imagination! Highlights - The Baths of Caracalla the largest existing sports and bathing place in the Roman empire. - Arch of Drusus son of Augustus a building that was the most eloquent expression of Romes power. - Porta San Sebastian the point of entry and best-preserved section of the Aurelian Walls--the last Roman defense against the barbarians. - Church of Domine Quo Vadis built on the place where Peter met Jesus in a vision and asked him "Lord where are you going" - Catacombs of San Callisto the cradle of Christianity and home to the archives of the early Church there will be a stop at Appia antica caff

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