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Underground Rome The Roman Fire Station Private Tour

Location: Rome, Italy
Underground Rome The Roman Fire Station Private Tour

Underground Rome The Roman Fire Station Private Tour

Explore an old underground fire fighter station in Trastevere a small hidden treasure deemed by experts as one of the best-conserved sites on this private tour led by an archaeological guide.

Type: Underground Tours in Rome
Departs From:
Hotel pick-up or Via della Vii Coorte 9
Duration: 2 hours
Available: 11:00
Supplier: Gartour
Prices from:

77,51 USD

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About Underground Rome The Roman Fire Station Private Tour

Visit an old underground fire fighter station hidden in a corner of Trastevere just a stones throw away from Piazza Sonnino. The first location of ancient Rome firemen it is called the Excubitorium from the Latin words "ex cubare" which means to sleep outside which the Militia Vigilum the ancestors of our modern-day firemen did as they watched over the neighborhood. The barracks date to the end of the second century AD and were brought to light thanks to excavations carried out between 1865 and 1866 which led to the sites discovery. It is still perfectly conserved at Via della Settima Coorte 9. The street name itself a reference to Ancient Rome reminds us of how Augustus divided Rome into seven cohorts consisting of about 1000 men each who lodged at barracks stationes and were placed on guard or in detachments known as excubitoria. The Trastevere Excubitorium is considered a small hidden treasure deemed by experts as one of the best-conserved sites. The ancient fire fighter station is 8 meters beneath the road surface. A curious feature is that inside it still conserves some of the original graffiti dated and written in the years between 215 and 245 AD. One of them actually reads Lassum sum successorem date I am tired bring in my replacement Another graffito helps understand its function it is the lararium a sort of chapel to protect the corps of firemen since the risk was so high in ancient times even greater than today. We need merely consider the apparel and tools they used they wore ochre tunics with leather protections all they had to douse the flames were buckets and blankets soaked with water and vinegar. Includes - Hotel pick-up if option is selected - Expert archaeological guide - Entrance fee Excludes - Meals and drinks - Personal expenses - Tips and gratuities - Optional activity costs Please Note - Children 13 years old and below are free of charge. - Rates for groups of 7 and up are available. Please inquire.

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