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What is the Ambassador Program?

The ambassador program is a group of people made up of travellers, photographers, organisers and students playing a vital role in helping us to grow. ambassador's will help to improve everyone's experience on

Can I become a Ambassador?

Yes , if you have a passion for, a strong local network and a demonstrated passion for leadership and organising, then you will be the perfect PlaceKnow ambassador. Our ambassadors need to be proactive, creative and be able to work to their own initiative.

What will I do? ambassadors are lines between the team and the community at large. The activities of different PlaceKnow ambassadors differ from ambassador to ambassador depending on strengths and weakness. Our ambassadors will generally be expected to continually illustrate their photographic experiences on We would like our ambassadors to represent us in their community and help us improve our user base through promotional activities. Our ambassadors are expected to engage with us at giving us feedback from time to time. The benefits of being an ambassador is that you will be prominently marked on the atlas of the World. We will promote our ambassadors on with your own unique group and honour functions so that everyone knows of your elevated status on We will also provide you with gadgets and branded merchandise to help you in your efforts.

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Our Ambassadors

Katarzyna Wrubla

Poland Nowy Targ, Poland

My name is Kasia. My biggest passions are travelling, mountaineering, kayaking and photography.I like to travel because I get to experience new cultures, landscapes and mountains. I take hundreds of pictures the best of which are on my Placeknow account. I like Placeknow because it is a new portal, with the best travel photos on the web. In my role as an ambassador i invite you to join so that we can share and enjoy our experiences together.

Olga Meshutkina

Ukraine Lviv, Ukraine

Hey, my name is Olga. I live in Lviv in Ukraine, where I also study. I am a person who is positive about every aspect of life. There are many things I like to do, to see, and to experience. I like good books and romantic movies. I like the land and the nature, I like people and animals but first of all I like to take pictures of them. I am sure that I get great moments as an ambassador of

Our Ambassadors

Helen Wong

China Guangzhou, China

My name is Helen Wong. I live in Guangzhou, China. I enjoy photography, surfing the internet,travel and animation. I have travelled to and around China, England, France. I am looking to travel further in the future. I coordinate the social network sphere in asia for Placeknow. I hope to be the bridge between the east and In my spare time I enjoy shopping.

Akito Nakamura

Japan Tokio, Japan

Hello all! My name is Akito. I live in the one of the most beautiful cities in the World, in Tokyo. I spent here my entire childhood, schooling and college. I am a die-hard fan of Martial-Arts. I practiced it for almost 7 years, finishing up with  my 1st degree Black-Belt in Shorneio-Subukan form.  When I am not taking classes or studying you can find me on taking pictures of my city. As an ambassador of I want to share photos from my country :)

S M Shajjad Hossain Shajib


Hello. I am S M Shajjad Hossain Shajib from Bangladesh. Presently, I am living in South-Korea in purpose of my Study. I love photography. Photography is my passion. I love to go different places, meet different people, different cultures and capture all the moments in my camera. My photographs are an archive of beautiful moments, seen and frozen forever in time through the eye of my camera. Being an Ambassador of, i would love to share the photos of my country as well as all those photos i would take at the time of my travel around the world. At the same time I would also encourage my friends to share their travel photos with

Our Ambassadors


Mexico Monterrey, Mexico

My name is Eduardo, I am 24 years old. My hobby is playing sports. My favourite sport is football. I play football when I’m feeling good or not, it’s just what I love to do. Football takes my mind off a lot of things. My favourite team is Real Madrid, while my favourite football player is Roberto Carlos. That's why my login at is „robertocarlos”. I think that is great way to spend time in home when I am not playing football. My role as an ambassador is to encourage all my friends and people from my region to share their photos at this site, and I will rise to the challenge.


United States Palo Alto, United States

Different people have different hobbies. My hobby is photography. it helps to preserve important moments and happy events of life in the form of photo. A photographer can never remain jobless. he can get a job in a newspaper,or he can open his own shop , when he is perfect.  I do not mind not having top quality equipment. I simply enjoy taking pictures and then watching them together with my family and friends.  I am a very active person, so I could enumerate lots of other hobbies I have, but, all in all, I can say that my passion is simply my life. My role at is to share my and my friend's photos as much as we can.

Our Ambassadors

Diana Hoyos

Colombia Medellín, Colombia

My name is Diana. Travelling is my dream since I am young. I used to read travelling books in the library, I will sit right in front of the television watching travelling documentaries. There are a few destinations that I must visit in my life. I have accomplished most of them except the province of Hainan Island (my family root, my father came from Hainan Island) but he got married in Malaysia and all of us are Malaysian. It will be good to visit our root and understand where and how were our foreparents livelihood then. As an ambassador of I want to share my photos from all around the World.

Our Ambassadors

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