Are you looking for an experience that will amazes your friends and family? Look no further than the Magic Mirror Room in Gangnam, Korea. This incredible interactive experience will leave you with a lasting memory of the city. From virtual reality games to unique photo opportunities, this venue offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fun night out or want to explore the world of technology and creativity, the Magic Mirror Room has it all. With its stylish modern decor, top-notch facilities and friendly staff, this is one place where you won’t be disappointed. Here’s our ultimate guide to what awaits at the Magic Mirror Room in Gangnam.

What Is The Magic Mirror Room?

The Magic Mirror Room is a unique entertainment venue located inside a shopping mall in Gangnam. It blends virtual reality (VR) technology with traditional photo booths to create an interactive experience; think Alice In Wonderland meets modern art installation! Visitors can step into a 풀싸롱 room filled with mirrors that reflect images from every angle and take photos that look like they’ve been taken inside a kaleidoscope – producing truly mesmerizing results! Each visit lasts around 20 minutes and guests are free to explore their own creative ideas while they roam through the various sets and objects located within the space.

Atmosphere & Decor

As soon as you enter the Magic Mirror Room, you’ll be transported to another world thanks to futuristic design elements such as neon lights and futuristic furniture. Although it’s a step back in time, there are plenty of modern touches, including virtual reality headsets scattered around the tables so visitors can try out some of their favourite video games or watch 3D movies on screens placed around the room. The overall atmosphere is both relaxed and exciting, with vibrant colours and playful music playing in the background – ensuring visitors enjoy every minute spent here!

Games & Experiences

One of the main highlights of the Magic Mirror Room is the ability for visitors to engage in different types of gaming experiences using VR headsets provided by staff who are always on hand to help if needed. Guests can fly through space, shoot targets in alien worlds and immerse themselves in fully immersive 3D environments. In this vein, every guest receives free access to an AR card game that allows them to interact with real-life objects displayed on the walls of the room, revealing hidden surprises and rewards. There are also several photo spots equipped with DSLR cameras allowing guests to capture amazing shots for use in social media posts.

Group activities & events

Whether you’re visiting alone or with a group of friends or family, there’s something special for everyone at Miracle Space! This includes special themed activities and events held frequently throughout the year; past themes have included Masquerade Party, Christmas Wonderland and Summer Beach Bash. In addition, private bookings are available for people wishing to celebrate birthdays, weddings and anniversaries alike, given enough notice in advance. Finally, the food and drink served area is the perfect place to relax after a long day exploring the attractions of nearby areas such as Garosugil, Apgujeongdong and Rodeo Street!


With its mix of cutting-edge technology and creative art installations, it’s easy to see why The Magic Mirror Room has become one of Korea’s top tourist attractions. If you’re looking for an unforgettable night out, don’t miss this incredible experience! From full sarong rooms filled with mirrors that reflect images from all angles, to virtual reality gaming experiences and even group activities, this attraction promises something new every time you visit!